Fee Schedule 2016

Membership Fees

Membership Type Annual Fee
Family $580
Single $360
Junior $160
Retaining $130
Membership Initiation Fees
Membership Type Payment
Family $775 (one payment)
$820 (two payments of $410/year)
Adult $385 (one payment)
$410 (two payments of $205/year )
Administration Fees
Late Fee $35
Boat Disposal $150
Non-volunteering fine (Adult) $200
Non-volunteering fine (Family) $300

Boat/Mooring Fees

Mooring Type Seasonal Fee
Boats may be stored on the island or in the parking lot during the winter and items stored in lockers for the winter at the member's own risk.
Finger Dock (Catwalk) $200
Island Dock $100
Laser Rack $75
Canoe/Kayak $65
Windsurfer $65

Locker Fees

Locker $40
Small Locker $25