GRYC Mission Statement

The islands of Gatineau River Yacht Club (GRYC) have been home to sailors on the Chelsea reservoir for over thirty years. The Club's mission statement is "The Gatineau River Yacht Club (GRYC) is a family-oriented, volunteer-driven, co-operative, not-for-profit corporation dedicated to promoting and encouraging active participation in the sport of sailing and other water-related recreational activities. All activities at the GRYC shall respect the environment and the ability of the Club's islands and of the Gatineau River to sustain those activities on a long term basis."

One of the key elements of the mission statement is that the Club is volunteer-driven. Only a small staff is hired during the summer months for the instructional programs and some of the administrative and maintenance duties. In order for the members' fees to be kept down and for the islands to maintain their beauty, all members are expected to pitch in.

The historically minded will appreciate the notes on the Club's genesis, provided by Pat Evans, one of the club's founders and a local historian and who sadly passed away in 1999.


The Club is governed by a set of By-Laws.

Blue Book

The Blue Book outlines the conduct of Members and their guests.