Allan Richens Memorial Fund

About Allan Richens

Allan Richens On December 31, 2012, the last surviving founding member of the Gatineau River Yacht Club, founded in 1962, passed away. Allan was an extraordinary man - an avid supporter of our club throughout 50 years and also widely recognised by our Chelsea Municipality and by our community generally as a leader of a very broad range of community service activities.

He used to visit the club daily to swim off what we have affectionately named "Richens Point" and we will all miss his tall figure and amiable smile walking along the catwalk as we prepared to sail or on returning after a wonderful race. All of this and successive generations of those who sail and enjoy our island paradise would not have been possible but for the vision and commitment of Allan and our other small group of Founders those many years ago. See Allan Richen's Obituary.

Allan Richens Memorial Fund

In consultation with his family we have agreed to set up a permanent Allan Richens Memorial Fund in his memory- fittingly dedicated to both providing youth sailing bursaries to deserving young people sailing in our Junior Program and/ to support our increasingly successful Youth Racing Team.

This is the second Appeal to build this memorial fund through your donations leveraging private sector sponsorship and municipal and government support. We also intend to hold one fundraising event each year.

Allan would have been so very pleased for this to be a key part of his wonderful legacy to the Club.

Please donate generously. Your donation recognition is cumulative over time - so encouraging you to donate annually and move your recognition to the next level.

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