Becoming a Member and Renewal

Boat_PetitMembership is limited to a maximum of 277 adult members. The Board of Directors will determine the number of spaces available once the deadline for renewal of existing memberships has passed (normally by early May).

Priority is given to applicants with an interest in sailing, which may be demonstrated by:

  • Previous sailing experience.
  • An interest in learning to sail at the GRYC and participating in the GRYC Sailing program including races, regattas, and casual events, as a sailor, crew, race official, crash boat operator, or other supporting role.
  • Having children enrolled in the Youth Program (summer sailing camps).

Download Information for Applicants

Benefits of Membership

  • Seasonal access to GRYC boats, facilities, participation in weekend races, the Annual Regatta, and other great events.
  • Participation in the free Learn to Sail Program offered to all members. This weekend clinic provides instruction ranging from tying knots to rigging boats, from the basics of sailing to advanced racing techniques.
  • Reduced fees for Youth Program registration. The Youth Program offers CYA-accredited sailing instruction for children aged 9-16 in a fun, safe summer day camp atmosphere.
  • Social activities including Wednesday night barbeques, dances, and other fun events.
  • Voting rights for Primary and Secondary members at AGMs.

Responsibilities of Membership

  • Care of the islands and Club property.
  • Compliance with Club bylaws, regulations and policies.
  • Compliance with standard safety practices.
  • A minimum of two full days of volunteer service to the Club per season for each family member over the age of 16.
  • Payment in full of all initiation fees, annual dues and other miscellaneous charges.

The GRYC recognizes that family priorities may shift over time. We offer a Retaining Membership to existing members who for personal, economic or logistical reasons will not be using the Club facilities for a season or more.

Fee Schedule 2019

Membership is due April 1st, 2019.

Membership Type Annual Fee
Family $625
Single $390
Junior $160
Retaining $140
Membership Initiation Fees
Membership Type Payment
Family $820 (one payment)
$865 (two payments of $432.50/year)
Adult $410 (one payment)
$435 (two payments of $217.50/year )
Administration Fees
Late Fee $45
Boat Disposal $150
Non-volunteering fine (Adult) $235
Non-volunteering fine (Family) $390
Boat/Mooring Fees
Mooring Type Seasonal Fee
Boats may be stored on the island or in the parking lot during the winter and items stored in lockers for the winter at the member’s own risk.
Finger Dock (Catwalk) $210
Island Dock $210
Laser Rack / dolly $80 / $85
Canoe/Kayak $65
Windsurfer $65
Locker Fees
Locker $40
Small Locker $25

Provisional membership period

New members are subject to a two-year period of Provisional Membership before becoming full members.

Provisional membership is a period of up to two years in which new members will demonstrate their expressed interest in the GRYC by participating in a variety of club activities. They are required to complete at least one item from each of the following four categories within their first two years of membership:

  • Sailing Program: Participate in a sailing-related activity, from Learn to Sail, to sailing in Sunday Race or Regatta, to volunteering as crash boat or race official, etc.
  • Social/Other Activity: Participate in a non-sailing program event from Club birthdays/Sailorama to Club Night, Awards Night, etc.
  • Volunteering: Complete volunteer requirements (a minimum of two days per adult member).
  • Governance: Attend the annual general meeting in November or serve as on a committee (regatta, sailing, youth, social, harbour, facilities, board, etc.).

At the end of the provisional membership period, new members who complete of the above requirements will have the provisional status removed and become full members.

If at the end of the provisional period the requirements have not been completed, the membership will not be renewed for the following season and half (1/2) the initiation fee will be refunded.

Applying for membership

  1. Download the Application Form.
  2. Fill it out using Adobe Acrobat then print, or print then fill out by hand.
  3. Obtain Sponsors’ signatures.
  4. Send by post to:Membership Application
    Gatineau River Yacht Club
    P.O. Box 1766
    Chelsea, QC J9B 1A1

You will be contacted by phone or email when your application is received.