COVID19 update

Joyeuse Saint-Jean-Baptiste!
With the continuing decline in active Covid cases, we feel fortunate to be progressing into Phase II of our reopening plan. The table below will provide you with the current status of various facilities and activities. Although new cases are trending in the right direction, we stress members must remain vigilant with distancing and hygiene protocols. We do not want to risk going backwards!

 *  Guidelines for washroom and boat use will be posted in appropriate locations.
 ** Our social calendar will be modified with fun activities that follow health guidelines

Although we’ve waived the mandatory volunteering requirement for this season, please remember there will be times when we need your help. We ask for your cooperation if contacted to assist with normal club activities. As always, we rely on your help to ensure a successful season.     
A dozen new heavy-duty Muskoka chairs have now been placed around the Island for your use and enjoyment. Thank you to Warren for his assembly efforts. In addition, we took advantage of the clubhouse being closed to undertake significant repairs to sections of the roof, as well as a badly deteriorated corner of the clubhouse. Thank you to Kevin Moon (assisted by David Raymond), for organizing and completing this important work.   
   Key reminders
– Don’t forget to complete your Code of Conduct form;
– Please do not invite guests to the Islands until further notice; 
– Children 14 and under must be accompanied by an adult member;
– Please be courteous to our Summerlea neighbours when driving/parking; 
– Paddle boats and boards must be registered and placed in the assigned location;
– The Club continues its carry-on, carry-off policy, please take everything home with you;
– Dogs are not permitted on the Island, except when travelling (on a leash) with owners to a boat;
– If you previously changed your membership to retaining, you are always welcome to switch back!   
I’m looking forward to seeing many of you at the club on Canada Day. Come dressed in red and white and let’s have fun on the island.  
Geoff Erskine, 

Have a question? Need help? Reach out.  David Raymond, GRYC’s Vice-Commodore and Chief Safety Officer will be the single point of contact for fielding any questions you may have. He will be the liaison between GRYC members and the Board. You can reach David at: