COVID19 update

Important procedure documents for the summer

Commodore’s Communiqué (June 7th)

Très chers Membres,

We are currently in Phase I of our reopening plan (Here). As such, the new gate code will be distributed to members later this week.

In case you missed it, our Club Code of Conduct (Here) was emailed to you on Wednesday. The Board asks that you read and agree to its protocols prior to your first visit.

Club activities


All members with boats (sail and paddle, big and small) are invited to arrange a launch time by contacting: Regulations now permit a single sailor (or a family unit) to access their boats for recreational use. No racing is permitted as yet, we will advise you of any changes to those regulations. 


Starting next weekend members may begin using the swim docks. Again, we ask that everyone respect distancing rules and ensure that any children in their care do the same. We also ask that anyone swimming around the Island exit from the ladder at the dinghy docks, rather than the ladders at the finger docks off the catwalk. Please note the Club does not employ lifeguards, swimming is at the members risk. We highly recommend using a “buddy” system.  


No social activities have been scheduled at this time. Although the back deck may be accessed, BBQ’s are not in use and no more than 10 people from three families may gather together (with appropriate distancing between family units). As in the past, everything brought to the Island must be taken home (i.e. carry on, carry off policy).   

Youth program

A modified youth sailing program will be offered this season. Kim and team have been working hard to create a more focused junior program enabling the 11 and up age groups to begin a distanced, outdoor-based camp with limited clubhouse access. With strict protocols and a higher staff to student ratio, we are confident that our youth will be able to enjoy a safe summer for all. 


As previously explained, we’ve waived the mandatory volunteering requirement for this year. However, with Bridge-down being cancelled we need 10 volunteers to assist with moving dinghy’s from the clubhouse to the dry docks. Richard Yeo has once again agreed to coordinate this activity next Saturday (June 13th) at 10:00am. If you are able to help Richard please email: 

Key reminders:

  • Don’t forget to complete your Code of Conduct form
  • Please do not invite guests to the Islands until further notice
  • Hand wash stations will be available, please bring your own hand sanitizer
  • The Clubhouse (including washrooms) remains closed at this time, don’t forget to bring water

The news has been more positive of late and we look forward to opening up additional activities as regulations relax further.

Thank you for your continuing patience, see you soon.

Geoff Erskine, Commodore

Have a question? Need help? Reach out.

David Raymond, GRYC’s Vice-Commodore and Chief Safety Officer will be the single point of contact for fielding any questions you may have. He will be the liaison between GRYC members and the Board. You can reach David at: