Deputy Manager

About The Gatineau River Yacht Club (GRYC)

The GRYC is a family-oriented, volunteer-driven, not-for-profit organization with roughly 500 active members. It promotes and encourages participation in sailing and water-related recreation. It is nestled on a cluster of small islands on the Gatineau River in Chelsea, Quebec. The GRYC values and respects the environment and seeks to ensure that the Club’s islands and the Gatineau River can sustain its activities for generations to come. The GRYC is a community within a community. We value respect, diversity and inclusion, positive can-do attitudes, and teamwork. 

Scope of work

The Deputy Manager will maintain the Club fleet and assist the Club Manager in the daily operation of the Club and the management of its assets. The Deputy Manager should be present at all major Club functions as prescribed by the Club Manager and/or Commodore. The Deputy Manager is the primary point of contact for emergencies when on duty and the Club Manager is not on the island.


The Deputy Manager: 

  • Is hired by the Board of Directors. The Board provides policy and general direction. 
  • Reports to the Club Manager 
  • Together with the Manager, coordinates and supervises part-time Dock Crew
  • Assists and supports the Board of Directors, Committees, Youth Program and Club members
  • Facilitates strong daily communications with other staff, members and their guests, and the local community to foster a safe, enjoyable, and respectful atmosphere


With guidance, support, and assistance from the Club Manager, sailing instructors, and Board members as required:

Member service and neighbour/community relations

  • Offers a friendly and cheerful demeanour and provides information and assistance to members and their guests
  • Keeps members well-informed about club events, activities, and issues

Fleet maintenance

  • Monitors the use of all Club boats and reports any challenges or abuses
  • Helps execute boat repairs and maintenance (including coordinating and working with volunteers as needed) to keep the fleet in good working order
  • Maintains a repair schedule and logs completed tasks
  • Promotes and encourages proper boat rigging and sailing techniques, safe boating practices and the proper storage of gear
  • Organizes the pram shed and maintains its good order
  • Monitors the use and condition of the Club’s crash boats and reports any abuses or mechanical issues
  • Keeps the island stocked with gas and oil sufficient for the daily operation of Club motorboats together with the Club Manager
  • Works with the Club Manager to maintain boat and locker registry

Club management

  • Oversees the day-to-day activities of the Club with emphasis on safety 
  • Maintains the clubhouse by ensuring that all facilities (e.g. office, washrooms, kitchen, decks) are clean, safe and in good working order, and adequately stocked with required supplies  
  • Monitors and ensures proper use of all Club facilities (clubhouse, other buildings, dock, catwalk, lighthouse, etc.) and records/reports any deficiencies, damage, or required maintenance work  
  • Perform minor maintenance tasks within time, budget and skills constraints
  • Oversees waste management including promoting and enforcing the Club’s “carry-on, carry-off” policy, especially at Club functions 
  • Assist in coordinating clubhouse maintenance as required together with the Facilities Director and Club volunteers
  • Ensures the Club property (tables, chairs, etc.) is in good condition, reports any damage or losses  
  • Ensures that all tools are accounted for, properly stored, and in good working order and makes sure that the tool shed is kept in good order

Program management

  • Supports Club sailing and racing events including the adult Learn to Sail program 
  • Works with Board members to develop and promote volunteer positions and tasks and supports volunteer activities on the island
  • Cooperates with sailing instructors and fosters a positive team atmosphere 

Skills and abilities

  • Strong customer service experience and customer-oriented attitude
  • Ability to work with diverse people with a wide variety of interests and opinions, sometimes in challenging situations
  • Ability to support and motivate staff to commit to good work
  • Flexible, adaptable, self-starter that’s ok with ambiguity
  • Can multi-task and deftly juggle multiple priorities  – during the operating season, interruptions are the norm
  • Extensive boating experience (including boat maintenance) — either power or sail, preferably both
  • Bilingual (EN/FR) and First Aid/CPR certification is preferred

Employment terms

Period of appointment

Start date:        May 20, 2024

End date:          October 30 , 2024


  • Maximum 50 days at 8 hours per day (400 total hours)

Once hired, the Deputy Manager will develop and agree on a formal work schedule together with the Club Manager and the Commodore. To support races and activities, evenings and weekends are often required. Flexibility is needed. Occasionally on certain days, working longer than 8 hours is also required.


  • Up to a maximum of 480 hours ($16.00/hour) with total gross compensation at $7,680.00
  • The Deputy Manager will submit bi-weekly time sheets to the Club Manager and salary will be paid bi-weekly 

Application deadline

  • Those interested can submit a resume via email to by April 2nd 2024.