The islands of Gatineau River Yacht Club (GRYC) have been home to sailors on the Chelsea reservoir since 1962.  The Club is volunteer-driven. While a small staff is hired during the summer to help with sailing programs, administration and maintenance, members are expected to contribute to the smooth running of the club.


Mission Statement

The Gatineau River Yacht Club (GRYC) is a family-oriented, volunteer-driven, co-operative, not-for-profit corporation dedicated to promoting and encouraging active participation in the sport of sailing and other water-related recreational activities. All activities at the GRYC shall respect the environment and the ability of the Club’s islands and of the Gatineau River to sustain those activities on a long term basis.

Board of Directors 2021

You can reach any board member using their corresponding email address.

Past CommodoreGeoff
Vice CommodoreTom
Rear CommodoreLuke
Fleet Captain – Port
Fleet Captain – Starboard
Eric Partington
Dan Gray
Communications DirectorSimon
Facilities DirectorKevin
Youth Program DirectorKim
Youth CommodoreCameron

Where is the club located?


The following are articles and other contents related to the history of the Gatineau River Yacht Club. If you have any historical items that may be of interest to the Club, please send them to

The History of the Club and its Facilities.

GRYC Annual Reports from 1962 to present.

From the Archives – Articles researched and written by Chris Holloway for the GRYC Newsletters
Articles for 2010 Newsletters
Articles for 2011 Newsletters
Items from Patrick M.O. Evans – Former Member and Club Archivist:
Early Days At The GRYC
G.R.Y.C. Log, “Property of Patrick Evans”, “Presented to the Club as a gift”
A G.R.Y.C. Chronicle – The First Five Years (part of the GRYC 1982 Annual Report)
Me and GRYC (part of the 25’th Anniversary GRYC 1987 Annual Report)
Items from Allan Richens – Founding Member and local historian:
The Early Years of The Gatineau River Yacht Club published in Up the Gatineau!, Volume 27 by the Gatineau Valley Historical Society
GRYC 40th Anniversary Presentation presented at the Club
Allan Richens Historical Photos

Appraisal Report (PDF) of the buildings and other structures located on the property of the Gatineau River Yacht Club – performed in 1965. Report has several images of the original Club House.

The Masthead

Newspaper articles

Blue Book (PDF) original publication from 1968?

Then and Now online exhibit on the Lower Gatineau River from the air in 1926 and 1997, published by the Gatineau Valley Historical Society.

Five Sailing Buddies, an island and a yacht club is born
Original article written by Louise Schwartz for The Low Down to Hull & Back News for the November 4, 2009 issue. The article that appeared in the Low Down was shortened due to space constraints.

Additional archived information about the club:

GRYC trophies

The following is a list of GRYC trophies current awarded or awarded in the past.

The GRYC trophies page is available here.