Chief Dock Crew / Bosun


The GRYC is a family-oriented, volunteer-driven, not-for-profit organization with roughly 500 active members. It promotes and encourages participation in sailing and water-related recreation. It is nestled on a cluster of small islands on the Gatineau River in Chelsea, Quebec. The GRYC values and respects the environment and seeks to ensure that the Club’s islands and the Gatineau River can sustain its activities for generations to come. The GRYC is a community within a community. We value respect, diversity and inclusion, positive can-do attitudes, and teamwork. 

Scope of Work: 

The Chief Dock Crew/Bosun is responsible for assisting members preparing for and returning from sailing, and for the general upkeep and repair of Club sailboats, safety boats and sailing related equipment & facilities.


  • Reports directly to the Club Manager.
  • Assists and supports the manager, Board of Directors, Youth Program and Club members.
  • Works with Manager to establish and maintain proper boat use.
  • Facilitates good communications with members, their guests and staff on a day-to-day basis to foster an enjoyable atmosphere which is respectful to staff, members and Club neighbours.
  • Insures dock crew performs their duties and keeps track of their hours.

Major responsibilities are:

  1. Manage the dock crew team:
  • Plan work 
  • Act as prime contact between the Dock Crew and the Manager and Fleet Captain
  • Guide the dock crew team
  • Record work accomplished
  1. Maintenance of assets (organization and repair)
  • Know inventory of Club fleet, equipment, and accessories
  • Fix rigging errors and conduct repairs within abilities
  • Demonstrate, monitor and enforce boat sign-out system
  • Implement damage prevention methods and policies
  • Insure proper storage of fleet at all times 
  • Maintain motorboats in operational condition
  • Help to maintain organization and cleanliness of Club facilities


  1. Rigging Assistance & instruction
  • Assist members with rigging and de-rigging as required, with the intention of teaching members how to rig and not just rigging the boat for them.
  • Promote and encourage proper boat rigging technique, seamanship, stowing gear, and safe boating practices. 


  1. Sailing guidance & monitoring of sailors for safety purposes
  • Provide members with sailing tips and pointers
  • Assist novice sailors on the water if the sailor needs immediate and basic assistance to start sailing or to return to shore (e.g., docking, assistance in righting after a capsize, or emergency rescue).

Terms and conditions of employment

Work hours:

Shift work ranging from 4 to 8 hours per shift. Shifts will occur on days and weekends throughout the season. Every effort will be made to accommodate availability and preference of hours. Total hours per week may range from  4 to 20 hours depending on. To be agreed upon by the Club Manager. A time sheet will be kept and submitted bi-weekly to the Club Manager for payroll.

The Chief Dock Crew/Bosun job will run from May to Bridge Up in October.


$16.00 per hour 


Please email a letter of interest and resumé including any qualifications on or before April 2nd 2024