Club Manager

About The Gatineau River Yacht Club (GRYC)

The GRYC is a family-oriented, volunteer-driven, not-for-profit organization with roughly 500 active members. It promotes and encourages participation in sailing and water-related recreation. It is nestled on a cluster of small islands on the Gatineau River in Chelsea, Quebec. The GRYC values and respects the environment and seeks to ensure that the Club’s islands and the Gatineau River can sustain its activities for generations to come. The GRYC is a community within a community. We value respect, diversity and inclusion, positive can-do attitudes, and teamwork. 

Scope of work

The GRYC Manager is responsible for the daily operations of the Club and the management of island assets including Club-owned sailboats and motor boats. The Manager or their delegate is present at all major Club functions.


The Manager: 

  • Is hired by the Board of Directors. The Board provides policy and general direction. 
  • Reports to the Commodore (Board Chair). The Commodore acts in a supervisory role and offers administration support.
  • Assists and supports the Board of Directors, Committees, Youth Program and Club members
  • Facilitates strong daily communications with staff, members and their guests, and the local community to foster a safe, enjoyable, and respectful atmosphere


With guidance, support, and assistance from Board members and GRYC staff as required:

Member service and neighbour/community relations

  • Without being intrusive, takes every opportunity to engage with members
  • Offers a friendly and cheerful demeanour and provides information and assistance to members and their guests
  • Receives member input and feedback and passes this along in writing to the Board
  • Keeps members well-informed about club events, activities, and issues
  • Keeps neighbours informed about Club activities that may affect them
  • Addresses neighbour questions, issues, and problems when possible; otherwise refers matters to the appropriate Board Director
  • Recommends activities/considerations that will enhance the relationship with the local community to the Board

Club management

  • Oversees the day-to-day activities of the Club with emphasis on safety 
  • Maintains the clubhouse by ensuring that all facilities (e.g. office, washrooms, kitchen, decks) are clean, safe and in good working order, and adequately stocked with required supplies
  • Monitors all Club facilities (clubhouse, other buildings, dock, catwalk, lighthouse, etc.) and records/reports any deficiencies, damage, or required maintenance work  
  • Performs minor maintenance tasks within time, budget, and skills constraints
  • Ensures that island property (tables, chairs, etc.) is in good condition, and reports any damage or losses 
  • Ensures that all tools are accounted for, properly stored and in good working order and makes sure that the tool shed is kept in good order
  • Oversees waste management including promoting and enforcing the Club’s “carry-on, carry-off” policy, especially at Club functions 

Club safety

  • Promotes the proper use of the Club’s fleet to ensure minimal damage
  • Gives proper emphasis and attention to water safety at all times and ensures adherence with waterfront safety procedures/policies for all GYRC activities 
  • Keeps a member contact list and emergency services contact list available at all times and serves as primary point of contact for emergencies
  • Ensures safety equipment and safety boats are operational and reports damage or loss to the designated board member and motorboat maintenance crew
  • Maintains adequate fuel supply for motorboats

Staff management and administration 

  • Manages and supervises the Deputy Manager and their activities
  • Oversees the responsibilities of the youth program sailing instructors, bosun, dock crew and club volunteers
  • Maintains proper financial documentation for purchases and fees according to account codes established by the Treasurer 
  • Delivers fees collected for GRYC programs/activities to the Bookkeeper by the end of the week in which the event takes place
  • Maintains detailed records with regard to the above responsibilities, including daily hours worked, and any interactions with suppliers or subcontractors 
  • Documents any significant member interactions
  • Attends Board of Directors meetings as required and as requested by the Commodore
  • Maintains boat and locker registry 
  • Work with Board members to develop volunteer positions/job tasks and oversee volunteer activity on the island

Skills and abilities

  • Strong customer service experience and customer-oriented attitude
  • Ability to work with diverse people with a wide variety of interests and opinions, sometimes in challenging situations
  • Ability to support and motivate staff to commit to good work
  • Flexible, adaptable, self-starter that’s ok with ambiguity
  • Can multi-task and deftly juggle multiple priorities  – during the operating season, interruptions are the norm
  • Extensive boating experience (including boat maintenance) — either power or sail, preferably both
  • Bilingual (EN/FR) and First Aid/CPR certification is preferred

Employment terms

Period of appointment

Start date: April 15, 2024 

End date: October 30, 2024

*Either party can terminate a contract with 14 days written notice. 


These hours are for guidance purposes.. Once hired, the new manager and Commodore will develop a formal work schedule. Evenings and weekends will be required to support activities and races.

April/May: 3 days/week

June: Full-time, 5 days/week

July: Full-time, 5 days/week

August: Full-time, 5 days/week

September: Full-time until Labour Day, 3 days/week after Labour Day 

October: 2-3 days/week until Bridge Up weekend (usually weekend after Thanksgiving) as needed 

Application deadline

  • Those interested can submit a resume via email to by November 15, 2023.