Club Sandpiper

Registered users may book the Sandpiper. If you wish to register to use the Club Sandpiper or to obtain the booking password, contact

Booking the Sandpiper

To book the sandpiper, please click HERE

GRYC Club Sandpiper Use Policy

  1. the Club Sandpiper (SP) is to be used by primary & secondary members. Child members over the age of 18 may apply for registration, however additional evaluation and limitations may be imposed.
  2. a member requesting to have use of the boat will be tested for seamanship and skills ability by evaluators designated by the committee. If evaluation is unsuccessful, the member may be offered
  3. a member who has the approved sailing skills would also be required to follow a list of procedures and guidelines for use of the boat that were developed by the committee.
  4. priority of use is given to participation in ‘Big Boat’ races.
  5. overnight trips are not permitted.
  6. in order to provide fair opportunity for use by all qualified members
  7. the boat can be reserved for a maximum 4 hour block of time
  8. a user can book up to one week in advance but must wait until he/she has used the boat in the reserved time before booking another time period (only one booking may be held at a time)
  9. if the user is more than 30 minutes late for the reserved time and have not had their booking revised on the booking sheet they will forfeit their right to the booking
  10. after one user has booked SP for a race twice they can only provisionally reserve the SP again by noting in the reservation book that they are provisionally requesting its use for a race (other users would still have the right to reserve the SP for a race up to 5:00 pm on the Friday before the race thereby voiding the provisional request).

Updated May 24, 2012