Club boats

Dinghy fleet

The club maintains a fleet of dinghies for member use. This includes Lasers, Byte CIIs, and 420’s. The 420's and Byte Byte CIIs are in cradles on the dinghy docks. The lasers are in the set of wooden racks labelled 'club' and opposite the shed. You can also find the accompanying parts for rigging in the shed alongside the docks. Members can use the dinghies during open hours. Please refer to the dinghy use policy below.

This is a photo of three sailboats: Two lasers and o Byte CII. Each boat has a skipper sailing and it's a sunny day on the water
This is a photograph of a sandpiper sailboat along a dock at dusk


The Sandpiper 565 is a small recreational keelboat. It's a joy to sail and can provide hours of fun for sailers that have the right skills.

Most Sandpiper boats were built in the 1970's in the UK and Canada. They are no longer in production. The Sandpiper's design features a high and deep cockpit. It has berths for two adults and two children below decks. It's mainly made of fiberglass with wood trim. It has a fractional rig, a transom-hung rudder, and a retractable fin keel. It has a hull speed of 5.19 kn (9.61 km/h). With a fully retractable daggerboard keel it can operate in shallow water and is perfect for river sailing. 

To become authorized to use/book the Club Sandpiper, email sandpiper@gryc.caBe sure to refer to the use policy further down.

O'Day day sailer

The O’Day is a very versatile boat. You should be able to rig in under 30 minutes. It's pretty easy. The mast and boom are already rigged at its’ dock so you can quickly unroll and hoist the clipped jib and main.

This boat is a treat to sail. It handles well, tacks with ease and powers up quickly with its large sail area. The planing hull is responsive to the tiller, and the wide beam makes it stable. The boat will roll quickly but then settles onto its’ tack, with stable and positive helm control. The boom also has a vang to improve sail control.

Long side benches in the cockpit help to identify the early DS II. They offer uncrowded seating for up to four crew members. The boat features wooden thwarts, seats, and cockpit sole, a centerboard lever, open cuddy, and a transom deck. The sole is above the waterline and is self-bailing. It's easy to adjust the centerboard. 

To become authorized to use/book the O'Day, email Review the booking policies below.

This is a photo of an O'Day sailboat. The sails are raise and it's attached to a dock. You can see inside the boat.

Sandpiper and O'day use policy

  • Primary and secondary members can use the club boats. Child members over the age of 18 may apply for registration but may require additional evaluation and limitations.
  • Evaluators will test members who want to use the boats to make sure they have the appropriate skills. 
  • Once approved, they must follow a list of procedures and guidelines to use the boats.
  • Boat users are responsible for ensuring that the required safety items are onboard before they leave the dock.
  • Priority is assigned to those who wish to use boats for 'big boat' races. Members can only book boats for two races per season if others are also interested in using them for this purpose.
  • Overnight trips are not permitted.
  • To provide fair opportunity for use by all qualified members, the boats are available in blocks of no more than four (4) hours.
  • Members must make one booking at a time, up to one week in advance.
  • If a member is more than 30 minutes late for their reserved time, another member may use the boat.

Dinghy use protocol

  • If needed, ask for help to launch the boat so as not to cause any damage to it.
  • Dock crew are available to help during Learn to Sail, Sunday races and Thursday evening social sailing hours. At other times, please arrange for help from a fellow sailor if needed.
  • Rig boats with the parts and lines assigned to the hull. For example, for the Laser hull labelled L4, please use the corresponding parts on the hook/bucket for L4 inside the shed.
  • The sign out binder is in the shed. It's mandatory that you sign in and out.
  • If there are any issues/maintenance needs when you return, please detail these in the binder. Be sure to include the hull number.
  • When sailing, please heed the shoal markers around the club.
  • If you are unfamiliar with the waters, have questions, or would like more info on the dinghy fleet, email the Starboard Fleet Captain.